Kaylen's Baby Shower...

As we traveled to the baby shower, there was a beautiful, vibrant double rainbow in the sky. It had been very stormy all day, and Mom was concered that no one would come out to the party. But the weather cleared up just in time and we had a very fun baby shower! The rainbow stretched from ground to ground, with a double arch over it. It was breathtaking!

You gotta love Walmart! Kaylen got three of the same bags and yes, there were different things inside! You could tell it was a girl's baby shower... pink EVERYWHERE!

Mrs. Thomas did a great job putting on the whole thing. The food was great, the games fun and the devotional was good. Thanks, Mrs. Thomas!

Hello Ladies! Thanks for comin'!

Here's Kaylen's pretty cake. It was really good and Mrs. Thomas gave HUGE pieces!

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  1. IT is great to see the family. So sweet- an all pink baby shower!!
    Mom looks great!
    Love you bunches Comstock!


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