New Salem...

The Burdens (our friends from TN) came up for a visit (they also brought along a friend Tim... nice meeting you!) so we went to New Salem yesterday. The Peck family volunteers there, so we got to see Jordan and Mrs. Peck working on spinning wool, and Caleb and Jesse Heady (a young man from our church) were working in the blacksmith shop. It was rainy... but we still had fun! After that we went to the gym and played some volleyball and ended the night by going to the Pecks house for a yummy meal, fun, games, laughter, fighting over pens (also known as Mennonite Madness...) and good stuff like that!

Jenny and Alisha

This lady was showing us how to play the dulcimer.

Alisha, Jenny, Myself, Erin and Jordan

Caleb Peck

Jesse and Caleb

Mrs. Peck By the Fire

Jordan Peck
Here's another view of what she's doing...


  1. Man! You all look like your freezing! Love the pictures! New Salem is such a fun place to go.

  2. Welocome to the blog world! We enjoyed seeing pictures of the Pecks after hearing so much about New Salem. Looks like a fun place to go.


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