Student Convention...

Student Convention was a great success this year. Although many things were last minute, our kids still ended up with the Platform and Arts & Crafts plaques. Wow! That's really an outstanding achievement, and I am really proud of all of our young people!

Jenny drew this elephant and won 5th place!

Jenny also won 3rd place for this dress.

Here are our kids with the plaques!

Mrs. Bryant... she does SO much behind-the-scenes work! Thanks, Mrs. Bryant!

And here's Brother Bryant! He's also a master at behind-the-scenes work.

Our choir did a GREAT job with their song! It was truly heavenly in some places! We have a talented group of singers, that's for sure!

Here's one of our Academic Bowl teams. What a great way to start out... in prayer!

This is Jenny's cake that she made for Convention. It won 1st Place!

Jenny and Her Zany Friend Danielle!

This is Arie Mikesell and Jenny. They did a great dramatic dialogue called, "My Personal Jesus". It won 1st place and they were able to perform in in front of the whole church!

These are all of the girls that were involved in Student Convention...

And these are all of the guys!

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  1. WOW!! Your all so talented!! I LOVE the cake and
    the dress is beautiful!!!


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