Fire Station...

Today was a lot of fun! We went to the San Jose Fire Department, where Mr. McCormick... well, he's Chief there! We all took a CPR class, and the older people will actually be receiving a certificate that shows that we are certified to give to CPR. We also had a great time taking pics and looking around the fire department. Much thanks to the McCormicks and the others at the fire station, for opening it up for us today. We all had a blast!

Here are the manikins that we used to perform CPR.

We also learned how to use the Heimlich Maneuver on people and babies who are choking.

Jenny demonstraing the universal sign for choking.

Jeff and Lucas

Myself and Jenny

Mr. McCormick brought Elijah into the ambulance and "doctored" him all up.

Here's the group of girls!
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  1. Cool photos Britt!! That picture of Jenny just cracks me up!! And I LOVE your outfit!!!!


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