Update From Camp...

Hey all! I thought that I'd take some free time that I have this morning and update you all on what's been going on here at camp!

Tuesday morning was pretty hard when the family left. I've NEVER been away from home like this, so it was pretty emotional for me... ! But I soon "got over it" and started working. We have been cleaning EVERYTHING, and it really needs it too! It's been a whole year since most of this has been cleaned, so you can imagine... cabins and shacks in the woods, sitting for a year. The bugs and spiders are amazing... I've killed SOOO many!

Not all of the staff are here right now, but two of the guys are going to be picking them up today. So far, it's just been me, Jessie Sargent, and Amy Dawson. But there are 4 more girls coming. Can't wait to meet them!

We have a huge "To Do" list for today. Jessie and I will be some of the only people here because the others all have different things to do. But we're a team and we'll get lots done!

Boy... there's so much to write! So... we're staying in the Bishop's old house, so there's three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, living room and laundry room. There's a lot of walking to be done around here... things are pretty spaced apart. But SOMETIMES we get to use a four wheeler and right now we get to use a golf cart to travel around the camp. Hollan, Luke Bishop's wife, let me borrow her bike, so I can cruise around on that... it's pretty fun and I've come to realize how out of shape my legs are... lol!

Camp starts Monday! This will be a smaller week, but that will be great, since we still need to get things under our belts and worked out. This is an almost all new staff group this year, but we'll get it. I think that the kitchen is the most trying job, but with 7 girls and a few other ladies, we can do it! We just got in the food shipment yesterday... so we're trying to clean and organize the kitchen. Hard work! I started in the kitchen yesterday at 6:00 am and we didn't stop cleaning it until 11:00 pm!!! Mrs. Dawson (the preacher Rick Dawson's wife) helped all day. And obviously we stopped for lunch or to run and do quick projects here and there. But for the most part... it was kitchen duty!

Pray for strength, endurance and good spirits for all of us here. It's really fun!!! And also a lot of hard work. I'm going to get going, but I will update with pictures as soon as I can. I know that a lot of you are probably anxious to see where I'm working!

So, what kind of pictures do you want to see? The people working here, pictures of us working, pictures of the buildings and area, or what?? Let me know what you want to see and I'll go around taking pictures!

We'll ttyl, Brittany


  1. Wow! It sounds like you are having fun! Hmmm...and as for pics, you could post pics of like the people you are working with, and what it looks like down were you are! Great to hear from you! :D :D

  2. We're praying for you. It's tough to leave for the first time, but rest in your First Love who will never leave you nor forsake you. God bless you, and may you grow deeper in Him everyday!!

    Love ya, The McCannes

  3. Sounds busy and fun... can't wait to see pics!


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