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This week we had a teen event at our church called the Cola Clash. The Pepsi team against The Coke team. I was on the coke team. They also had neat shirts you could buy for $10.00 that said Cola-Clash. Red for Coke or blue for Pepsi. Our church teens went our with the Leaders of the event on Monday and Tuesday to canvass and invite kids from the neighborhoods to come. Whatever kids came because Pepsi invited them, were on the Pepsi team, and the same for Coke.

The event started on Wednesday, ended Friday, and started at 6:00 - 8:30 P.M. It was very fun! 17 kids got saved as a result, and a few kids made important decisions. It was good.

The group leaders were very fun as well! The over-all leader was Mr. Barber. His wife was very sweet. Then for the Pepsi was Matt and Summer. For Coke it was Nick and Mary-Jane. They were so much fun! They were very competitive! The Coke's cheers were: everyone yelling "red hot" for Coke if we got a point, and "boo-ya" for Pepsi of they got a point. Then each team had special cheers. For the Coke it was, " I'm a Coke fan, and I know I can, beat, the Pepsi, beat, the Pepsi". Then for the Pepsi it was " Hey, you! Get out of my face! We're Pepsi-Cola and we're takin first place!".

Here's the schedule for the nights:
Big Ball Volleyball, then Tube Tug. That was very fun! Then everyone went inside and got their food, (nachos) and then sat down. They had a funny, disgusting, comedy, Trivia (Pepsi won) cheering competition, (Coke won) Cola Competition (who could down a soda the fastest without spilling the most) (Coke won) the leaders singing, a testimony by Matt, and then a 25 minutes message.
Big Ball Basketball, then Spoke Tackle. That was extremely fun! You sat down like the spokes of a wheel, the guy would call out your spoke number, and you would get up and run as fast as you can to be the first one to touch the tube in the middle. All the way around, if someone was in your way from the other team, you could tackle, push, shove, hip toss, anything went. You were the boss. Whoever touched the tube first, Coke or Pepsi, that team would get the point. Then everybody went inside again and we had food, then Trivia, ( Pepsi won) cheering, (Pepsi won) Cola Competition, which was a burping competition. James Tomas won. He just kept sucking in air, and then kaboom! Pepsi won! Then there was a comedy, singing, testimony by Nick, then a message.
Big Ball Foosball, and....tug of war over the mud pit! It smelled like cow stuff! It was nasty! So... they had Coke guys and Pepsi guys go first. And of course the Coke guys won. Then they had Coke girls and Pepsi girls go second. And of course Coke won. Then they had the whole Coke team against the whole Pepsi team, and of course the Coke team won! Then we went inside for food, Trivia,which Coke won, Cola competition, who could down the soda the fastest, which Coke won, a cheering competition which Pepsi won, singing, and then testimony's by any of the kids, then a message.

So here are some pics of it all. We had movies, but they didn't work!
This is Matt, the Pepsi leader, looking very intimidating. He's the one in the blue shirt. He has an awesome testimony.

Here's Nick, our Coke leader. He was sneaky competitive! I know, it isn't the greatest pic, but that is one of the only ones I have of him! :D

This is Summer, Pepsi's girl captain. She's in the blue shirt and denim skirt, to the left. Sorry I don't have better ones of them!Mary-Jane is the one to the farthest left in the red shirt and denim skirt. She was really fun and competitive. She was 21, and Coke's girl captain.
This is the over-all leader of the whole Cola Clash, Jonathan Barber.

Me, Shelby, and Heather...poisingHehe! Here is the Pepsi team...after they got drug through the stinky mud-pit!Me and Ariel Elston The Coke girls getting set up for Big Ball Foosball
Big Ball Foosball - The guys layed down and used their feet to kick the ball past Nick and Matt. Getting set up took a while.. Me and Ariel again

Well, there are the pics. Hope you all have fun reading it and looking at the pics.

- Jenny -

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