Hey all! Just wanted to update you on all that happened at SMITE. SMITE stands for "Summer Missionary Institute for Training and Evangelism". It is a big camp in Louisiana for people to go and train to do 5-Day-Bible-Clubs. A five day club is where you go around to different neighborhoods, and invite kids to meet in a yard or a park for a "Five Day Bible Club". Usually you go about an hour before the Club is supposed to start. So then when it is time to start, you start off with the Pledge of Allegiance, then prayer, songs, a Bible story, songs, a Missionary story, games, review questions, and if you have time in between there, more songs. It goes on for 5 days, (Obviously)

The Rogers took Me, Jordan, Ben, Caleb Peck, Arie Mikesell, Natalea Bass, and Shelby Rogers down there. The camp starts on Sunday night and ends on Friday night. I had a blast down there! I was in a room, and on a team with Natalea, Harley, and Miss Cindy. She was our counselor. Harley is 15. We actually had our 5 day club in a daycare. Lots of the "girl teams" had daycares. SO you had classes in the morning teaching you how to do the Clubs, and then you ate lunch, then you went to do you Clubs, then you came back and had a night service. The preaching and singing was awesome! Some of the best singing I've heard from 400 teens.

Anyways, the first day was Memorial day, and we had the only daycare that was open, but we only had 5 kids, and all but 1 were little. But the next day when we walked in, we were greeted by lots of kids yelling, laughing, and playing! It was loud! We had 22! I think the most we had all week was 24. The second day, Tuesday, right after the Bible story, Natalea had an invitation. She told the kids that if anyone wanted to talk with her more, to go see her in the back. 2 girls came and got saved! They were about 8 or 9. Their names were Jaline and Jasmine. Then on Friday, another girl got saved after the Bible story. She was about 6 or 7. That was very exciting! Caleb's team had more than 20 saved, Arie's and Ben's had quite a few saved, and Jordan led a little red head girl to the Lord on Memorial Day. They were out soul-winning because their daycare was closed. She was very excited!

Now the whole reason for SMITE is to train people to do five day Bible clubs, so that they can do them in their own neighborhoods, and at their own churches. So we are going to try to do at least 12 Bible Clubs this summer before school starts again. We are hoping we can teach other people to do Clubs so we can have more than 1 going at a time. We are also praying for 50 to 200 kids being saved in the Clubs. If you could help us pray for that, that'd be great!

I'd better be going now, but I hope you guys enjoy reading this. And no! I did not come back speaking like a Southerner! No way!

- Jenny -


  1. I think what you are doing is wonderful!! You and your family are an inspiration to so many people! God bless your Bible clubs this summer. Thank you for using your talents to teach others about God.

  2. Wow! That must be a really neat camp! It sounds like you learned a lot too! Thanks for sharing!!!

    p.s.My little fuzzy man is wearing off! :( :O :P
    And I already miss you! :) :D :P hehe


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