Sports Week...

Oops! I never posted this post while I was at camp! I just found it in my drafts...

Anyway, Sports Week was the last week at camp. It was actually really fun. Amy, myself, Jessie and Faith were the only staff girls that stayed that week to help out in the kitchen and help get the camp ready to close down.

About 20-25 boys and guys participated in the Sports Week... but it was new and they are hoping for a better turn out next year. I think everyone had a great time. The Dignan guys were there and it was great seeing them again. Bro. Dignan is a really cool guy with a heart for God. He really encouraged me through his messages and also just by talking to him one on one.

Nick Dignan teaching the guys how to do a drill

We saw some good ol' tackles!

Aaron, Caleb and James

So... we were seeing how much coolwhip we could stuff down our throats without stopping.


We got in some good games of Spoons in too.

...and some Texas Hold 'em

I forgot about paintball... we had some GREAT times playing paintball there! Here's Caleb sneaking up on the other team.



Jake... after he got shot!

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