So what have the Coms been up to? DIGGING!!! We are getting closer and closer to pouring out foundation and we can't wait to start building our addition! We don't have a dining room right now... so we haven't sat down to eat a meal with the family inside our house since we've moved here in April! It's sort of like... sit where you can. We had to dig 3 feet down all the way around the foundation, and then we had to smooth it out and take out the extra dirt so that the top was smooth. I didn't get any pics of that, but when we pour hopefully I can put some pictures of that up here.
The addition will be our living room, (we're changing our old living room into the dining room) sewing room, play room, mud boot room and Abby's room. We'll keep updating when we get new things built on.

Man's (or Woman's) Best Friend... this is the coolest post hole digger that worked GREAT for digging our foundation.

Jenny... working?

Lotsa Diggin'

Elijah "collected" worms while we dug. Their names were Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, and Eddy.



  1. you all are always in some kind of diggin or construction project.. what is this one for?

    Miss you all!

    Angie Sellers

  2. Hey Mrs. Sellers... read the top part of the post. It tells you what we're building on!

    I took more pics today when they poured the concrete. I'll have to put them on!

    Miss you all, Brittany


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