Well, here are the promised pictures. We didn't really get to take that many, because both me and Britt were at a booth. So, here are the ones somebody took for us.
They had a tractor show.

Here's another cool one.

Abby riding on the ponies. Gramma bought them tickets! They had a blast. Abby is actually riding in her old fashioned dress!

Here's Elijah. I was actually going to take him on,
but my I had a hoop skirt on, and it scared the pony!

Josh hanging out, drinking a Mountain Dew! Very old fashioned!

Here's a little cabin on the farm. This is right in front of where I was.

I'm not sure what they were making, but it looked interesting! And hot!

Abby and Norah. Norah kept visiting Brittany at her booth. She's cute!

Here's Josh and Micahel playing checkers.

And me, Heather, and Kayla demonstrating how to make rugs.

Hope you like them! Please let me know what you think!
- Jenny

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  1. Very nice pix, Jenny. Looks like fun!
    Btw, I love you all's banner at the top. Such a great picture!


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