The Alamo...

So... what have the Comstocks been up to? We thought to make a BIG impact on the world we would build another Alamo right here in Lincoln, IL. Season passes will be $59.99 and you can come and... see it whenever you want.

All kidding aside, the Babineaux Family was in "dire" need of help to get the Alamo prop for our Youth Conference done before Sunday, so we spent all day Friday helping them. It was a blast!

When they first got there and brought one of the panels from the gym to the church they realized... it wouldn't fit in the doorway!! So we had to take apart the pieces and rebuild them once we got them in the church. Ouch! Major time hazard. That's what Heather's doing here in the picture below.

They also realized that it was going to be too high and the top of the Alamo would just about touch the ceiling... so Mr. Babineaux (AKA Mr. Bab) cut off 2 feet from the bottom of the base pieces.

So... how did we get the prop to stand up without falling? By an intricate system installed in the back... we couldn't screw anything to the bricks... so they had to "clamp" 2x4's to the bricks and screw the braces to the Alamo pieces. Sorta hard to explain!

Okay... so this was the most exciting part of the whole day. I love Mrs. Babineaux's (AKA Mrs. Bab) pose here... "Guys! Be careful!"


Lucas... head in the clouds as always.

Painting of the Pillars

We then taped all of the seams together with some cool tape that gets sticky once it's wet. And we had to shade and draw the stones on the parts that hadn't been done yet.

A "Father Back" View

Here's the beautiful wall that Heather and I made to put in front of the modesty rail. We had to tape the seams together and paint them... which is exactly what I'm doing in the picture below. Jenny and Kayla did a good job drawing the stones. And doesn't my hair look RED?

Here's Heather and I with our paintbrushes!

If you ever wanted to know what hard workers look like... keep looking!

Kaylen Big Eyes

Lijah Brown Eyes


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