Theatrical Thursday...

Welcome one and all!
 Thanks you all so much for visiting out blog!
Here is an update on our addition.

It was a beautiful day when we decided to put up some of the siding on our addition.

Here is the inside of the addition. Back where Elijah is standing, will be our little craft room. Then the bigger part will be our living room. I can't wait to have people over again!

 Lucas came over and helped get a lot of stuff done.

Working hard... I think.

The mud-room will be where the open door is. That'll be nice to have somewhere to put all our muddy shoes! Right now most of them get stuck in the kitchen until they dry! Yuck!


Well, please pray that it'll get done fast! We can have people over as soon as it's finished! We did get up lots of wiring and insulation after these pics were taken. But, these are some of the only good ones we got. So, hope you enjoyed the update. Thanks!

- Jen

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