Movie Monday...

Grass Carp - Part One

So... a few years ago Jenny and I were down at our pond in Missouri and came upon a dying grass carp (otherwise known as a really big UGLY fish).

We decided to... touch it, which resulted in a fury of screams... as you will soon hear. I can't quite tell who screams when... but we get a kick out of it when we listen to it.

Thanks, Jordan, for reminding us about our fun Missouri pond days. I'll have to find the pics of us down there and post them.


  1. that was funny, but I did get to see the fish at all or you touching the fish.


  2. Lol... you can see the fish when the movie is full screen... I wish you could see him better small like that! And Jen touched it with the fishing net... I don't think we would have touched him with our finger!



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