Science Museum...

The Comstock family and the Peck family went to the Science Museum in Decatur, Il.
It was a blast! I really think the older kids had more fun than the little ones! The museum has 2 floors. We visited the bottom floor first, had lunch, and then played on the 2nd floor. After all that, we went to a playground a few minutes walk down a path near the museum. We had tons of fun there too!
Well, enjoy looking at the pictures!

Our very good friend Mrs. Peck and Mailey in the "bubble room".

Popster as usual!

We almost had 4 going!

And of course we had to kick out all the little kids to try our hand at "tunnel making".

Well, what can we say!

We were so pleased to finally meet him!

Hmmm. I think he likes to drive.

Wow. That's special.

Me and Jo!

Riding the skeleton bike with a cheesy grin!

Jo and Ben fixing a car???

Miss Jennifer Comstock at your service!

James and Dad. Very excited about their photo shoot.

Well, let us know what you think about the pics by leaving some comments! Thanks!
- Jen

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  1. wow! That last picture is...flattering! haha cute one's!


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