Saturday - Day Three

And we were off to Silver Dollar City!

We were so excited to be at SDC again… even though it rained cats and dogs the entire day. I even got a picture.........

Our bodies were practically icicles by the time we were done, and none of the exciting rides were working. *Smiles*

But we honestly had a great time with the Pecks, and I can say that it will go down in history as one of the most memorable times at SDC with our friends.

We got taken away by elephants...

We floated away on pirate ships...

Met some gangsters in dark tunnels while shooting guns...

Got captured by crooks (I think they were from the dark tunnels)

and spun around in tea cups.

If you don't believe me... just look at the pictures. Believe me now?

You can do some funny things while waiting in line. Like... for instance... make funny faces at cameras. Even while there's hundreds of people around watching you.

But we don't care. They might even do the same thing if they were as creative as us. Right James?

Oh... well, maybe I'm wrong.

The shows were good… my favorite being the Dicken's Christmas Carol. We got to sit right behind the guys doing the music, and it was really fun to watch them perform… along with the talented cast that played in the drama.

We ended up the day heading back to the hotel and playing ping-pong, Mexican Sweat, and good stuff like that.

What a great day! Thanks, Pecks, for being our friends... through thick and thin... through rain and cold... through cats and dogs. This calls for an old time picture of old time friends!

So long!

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