Sunday - Day Four

Because there aren't very many good, independent, fundamental, Bible-believing Baptist Churches in the area, we had our own special services in our hotel room with the Pecks… complemented by a wonderful home-cooked breakfast (if packaged sausages and bagels count as a home-cooked meal - we DID have eggs, orange juice, apples, oranges and cheese too).

We learned about a special key to relationships - the Key of Humility.

Our family has enjoyed reading the Mally's book called Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends and would recommend it to any family with children.

Here's James with Kaylen

After breakfast and devo, we all drove to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield and had a fun time taking pictures and looking around.

So I was on top of the stairs taking a picture when all of a sudden this group of people started waving at me. I didn't want to embarrass them... so I took their picture.

You won't believe it... but that group of people who were waving at me decided to follow me around... ! And to be honest, I really enjoyed myself.

Four wheelers are amazing. If I'm not careful I think I could begin coveting one. But I'm still holding on to a strand of hope that maybe my future husband will own a four wheeler. But... that might not be in God's plan. *Smiles*

Fish aren't really "my thing" and I really think I would die if I ever found out I was swimming with this fellow named Garr. At least that's what the sign said his name was. You fishy people out there are probably groaning.

But I do know some things about fish. For instance, if you want to make a good impression in a photograph, don't hold your fish far away from the camera like I did when I caught this beautiful sunfish.

Instead, hold it closer to the camera. It just leaves... a bigger impression, I guess.




And if you want to make something look really big... just put something really small next to it.

Here's that group again. Nice people...

You know, they were funny. They just had great sense of humor in all situations.

Ahh... we also met an Apalone Spinifera, also known as a soft shelled turtle. Turtles are so cute! Except snapping turtles. Once I had to shoot one that was trying to eat our dogs. *Smiles* And my grandparent's friend had a chunk of his forearm taken off by a snapping turtle. So yeah... I'm not too big on snapping turtles either.

We decided to go to Wendy's after for a bite to eat before the Pecks had to travel home, and the Fetters drove up from Marshfield to join us for lunch.

That group FOLLOWED ME to Wendys!

Ben wanted to take a picture of mine and Jordan's eyes. Cool!

The finished product.

We had a great time there as well, and said our sorrowful goodbyes to the Pecks… whom we would see in three days. Funny… but no worries… there were zero tears shed.

After the Pecks left, us and the Fetters headed over to the Children's Science Museum in Springfield. It was actually really neat!

Here's Johnny and Abby digging for dino bones!

Elijah (and myself) loved this huge chime thing... I played several songs on it and had a fun time!

There was a "newspaper office" there that allowed the kids to take a picture of yourself through a computer camera, and write a little article about whatever you wanted.

Here's my article that I wrote. And yes, I realized after I printed it that I spelled penalty wrong! Oh well... at least it's the Gospel... and I hope people get saved through it!

Mr. Fetters had 6 granddaughters, so him and Kaylen just clicked... I dunno though... Kaylen does look a little bored.....

Ah! Now there's a smile!

Dad enjoyed being on TV. Right now I think he's in a deep political discussion about the absolute audacity that the global warming people have... thinking that they can somehow reduced the temperature of the earth. Isn't that... GOD'S job?

"Illinois will be flooded in 10 years because of those ice caps that are going to melt... JUST KIDDING!"

Now this was kinda fun and exciting...

Joshy rode out on a cable on this sweet bike... his balance was incredible. Mrs. Fetters is wondering, "Is he gunna make it, Pete?"

Talent... pure talent!

Okay, here's the secret. There's a weight at the bottom to keep him from falling off. NEAT! It cost him $3.00... but I think it was a $3.00 well spent!

Kaylen snuggling

The Three Mad Scientists!

We ended off the day by going second hand store shopping. We had such a great time with the Pecks and Fetters. I was happy to see the Fetts again!

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  1. That last picture is HILARIOUS Britt! I think a few of my siblings would fit right in!

    BTW, your little article was very good, despite the typo. :P


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