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Here are the 10 points of the message Pastor Davis preached on Sunday.
- How to Protect Your Family -
January 10th

Psalm 33:16-18

1. Teach children in the area of discretion and discernment
2. A parent need to be alert to the obvious, and sensitive to the prompting of the Spirit.
If children or teens push agaisnt the wall of their parents protection too hard, it'll fall. But then they will be in immediate danger of what their parents were protecting them from.

- Why Parents Don't Protect their Children -

1. Too much work
2. They don't like to say "no"
3. Requires too much of their time

Children need to trust their parents.

3. Make it a key goal for your children to be strong in Spirit

The most significant thing you can measure in a child, is the strength of thier spirit.

4. Do your best to keep your children from temptation.
Don't ask "Is it sin?".
Ask "Is it safe?".
Many things are not sin, but they are not safe.

5. Keep an open line of communication with your kids.

6. Cry out to God for a hedge of protection for each member of the family every day.

7. Pray that God will let you find out things that are going on in your family

8. Teach children to cry out to God if in danger in any way.

9. Make your home a place filled with love and protection

And last but not least...

10. Trust God

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