I saw this on a friend's blog and thought that it was interesting and fun-looking. Enjoy!

If I were a month... I'd be September because that's when the leaves turn gorgeous colors and the weather is simply remarkable.

If I were a day of the week... I'd be Friday because it's the day we are most likely to get together with friends.

If I were a time of day... I'd be 2:00 am because I'm sleeping then!

If I were a sea animal... I'd be a dolphin because they are such fun animals.

If I were a direction... I'd be North East. That's where I am from and it's simply gorgeous in New England!

If I were a piece of furniture... I'd be a cozy rocking chair.

If I were a liquid... I'd be water because if it weren't for water... we'd all be dead.

If I were a gemstone... I'd be a ruby or a tiger's eye (not sure of it's real name)

If I were a tree... I'd be a Sugar Maple because they turn such beautiful colors in the fall.

If I were a tool... I'd be a straight, flat shovel. These are simply my favorite digging tool... and seeing how we dig on almost all of our properties, I've become very attached.

If I were a flower... I'd be a lily. The pink and white kind... they will probably be in my wedding!

If I were a kind of weather... I'd be sunny with a slight breeze.

If I were a musical instrument... I'd be a piano.

If I were a color... I'd be sage green.

If I were an emotion... I'd be peace.

If I were a fruit... I'd be an apple... to keep the doctor away, of course.

If I were a sound... I'd be the sound of a waterfall.

If I were an element... AG - Silver because it makes such pretty jewelry. (I hope they mean element as in chemistry element!)

If I were a car... I'd be a 15 passenger van to carry a huge, monstrous family.

If I were a food... I'd be pizza. Everyone except Mrs. McCanne likes pizza, right?

If I were a place... I'd be a mountain range.

If I were a material... I'd be logs to make a log cabin... out in the woods... no neighbors... rustic... cozy... ahhh!

If I were a taste... I'd be SWEET!

If I were a scent... I'd be the smell of the woods.

If I were an object... I'd be a digital camera.

If I were a song... I'd be a praise to the Lord.

If I were a pair of shoes... I'd be a pair of sneakers.

If I were a piece of jewelry... I'd be an engagement ring.

If I were a year I'd be... 1987, because cool people were born then. Hahaha!

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