So what have we been up to? Um... lots! Sorta. Basically just the everyday grind of things, but that keeps people busy!

Eljah asks me almost daily if we can make cookies. So here are some pictures of us making cookies for Caring Hearts Soul Winning.

He does a great job rolling them into balls.
Whoa... that's the way to go!

Sewing also keeps Jenny and myself busy. Swimsuits, culottes, doll clothes...
...and pesky sergers that like to mess up on you!

We were recently given TONS of patterns for our business, and after going through them, we realized that there are many we can't use, but many that can be sold on eBay because they are from the 60's, 70's and 80's and are worth some money! So we've been trying to list them when we get a chance.

Abby is making cookies for her American Doll.
And I made some for her too!

Josh keeps to himself mostly... he likes Legos. Can you tell?
His newest creation....
He can even multi-task.

He can fold him laundry while he plays with Legos. Cool!

I made some garlic italian cheese bread yesterday. It was yummy!

And I love listening to preaching while I'm around the house cleaning/sewing/cooking/etc. For any of you that have iPods, you can find a TON of great preaching in the iTunes store. I enjoy messages from Lancaster Baptist Church (preacher Paul Chappel - founder of West Coast Baptist College) and from Gosepl Light Baptist Church (preacher Eric Capaci - founder of Champion Baptist College) The best thing is that they are FREE!

Kaylen's been contemplating whether or not she should wear a head covering. Her first birthday is coming up on the 17th. I can't believe it's been a whole year since she was born!

And that's just about it. Dad's been super busy with work, and Mom's busy being a mom. Tomorrow is their 23rd anniversary. You can send them a little congratulations note here:

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  1. My mom and dad celabrating 13th on Valentines. I remember your parents annivarary from a long time ago at church! :0


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