Single Girl's Shopping Trip...

The other night Jeanna Gill (our pastor's daughter) took some of us single young ladies from church out shopping. It was so much fun and I wanted to share the pics with you.

Our first stop was Hobby Lobby. I think everyone got something except for myself. When we came out, we thought it would be a cool place to take some pics, so Jeanna took some of us. Thanks Jeanna!

After that, we went out to eat at Olive Garden. It was my first time eating there and it was very good! Their bread and salad were great, along with my pasta dish.
Imagine that... me taking a picture of the food? Sorry, couldn't help myself, although I did stop when Jeanna said I was unnerving her. Although I still can't understand what's so weird about taking pictures of your food, especially when you want to do an interesting blog post.

Then we went to the mall.... to ride RIDES! Well, not really but they were right inside the mall and we thought they looked very inviting so we... hopped in! And being conservative and well disciplined in our money, we rode without even inserting the quarter. We will make WONDERFUL, frugal wives some day.

Then we went to DEBS to try on formal dresses! Modestly, of course. It was sorta like trying on wedding dresses. I guess it makes single girls feel better about themselves, knowing that they can try on fluffy, lacy, ribbony, beautiful dresses even though there's no one right around the corner for them to marry.

Jordan looked smashing in the dresses she tried on. They were the most girly, feminine things I've ever seen her wear. And she looked great!

Joanna was the rose between the thorny stems. If you don't get this, picture a pinkish rose and green stems and see if you can see a mental picture emerging in your mind. I was speaking proverbially.

Although I think the thorny stems did look nice together.

Awww... how sweet and cute we are. And because you can't tell by the picture, I'll let you know that we are all wearing like... 4 or 5" heels under those dresses.

Howdy, partner! We suggest, if you wanna have fun, GO WEST!

Because I look astoundingly retarded while doing a "serious" face, I just smiled my good ol' crooked grin that never fails. Jordan can do the serious thing so much better than me. Wow... she's so mature.

We had a great time! Can't wait for the next single girl's activity. It's a surprise... and I personally don't like surprises, but I don't think I will die while trying to patiently wait for next month. But if I do, remember that I died trying.

Thank You


  1. haha um.. yah you need to ask my permission before you go posting pics of me;-) lol I'm so used to always being behind the camera it's sorta scary!!

  2. very cute Britt.. looks like you all had a blast


  3. Looks like you had ***lots*** of fuuun!! =)

  4. ^Ditto!

    You all look smashing! :D


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