M.O. Trip

Hey ya'll! We are going on a trip to Missouri this morning, so we would like to ask that ya'll pray for a safe trip up there for us, and that it won't rain, and that it will be warm! We'll miss our Illinois peeps while we're gone, but we'll have tons of fun pic for ya'll to look forward to!


  1. Dear Jesus, help them to have a safe trip there and back, and for them to have a nice time and for Brittany to tske lots of pictures. We ask this in Jeus' name, amen.

  2. Hey,
    I just started following your blog this weekend, I really like it!!! I hope your enjoying your trip in Misery, oops sorry, Missouri (jk :D)


  3. Hey! That's neat! Glad you like the blog. We did have a good trip there. We'll post pictures sometime! We all are extremely busy with Student Covention this week, so I'm not sure when we'll get the picture on. Me and Britt took pictures, so we'll take tuens doing the posts.

    - Jen


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