Bubble Result...

Here we go! Me and Josh were watching Steve Spangler's Science videos, and he had a movie on square bubbles! So... we thought we'd try it! We cut 6 straws and glued them together with a hot glue gun, to get the square thing. Then you put water in a big enough bowl to immerse the square thing. THEN... you add the soap. You don't add the soap while you're filling up the bowl, because then it will get all bubbley, and you won't be able to get good bubbles. So, after you add the soap, gently stir it a little bit, just to mix it. Then you dunk in your "square thing." Gently shake it, and it should look like the picture below.

Then, dunk in 1 end of a straw into the water/soap mixture, and gently blow a bubble into the square thing. Then gently shake the square thing. The round bubble should sink down into the middle, and pop into a square shape. Then, if you want to make your square bigger...
stick your straw into the middle, and blow.
It'll get bigger...
...and bigger!
3D Triangle Bubble
Then we added red food coloring... but it doesn't really change the color of the bubbles.
Cool reflections.

Didn't God make awesome colors!
Hope you enjoyed!
- Jen


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