More More More...

Alright! ( I say that every time don't I ) Here are more pictures of Branson! Yes... I took a lot!

Here's Momma! This is the second morning of going to SDC.

Britt read our morning devotion.

Nice Jo...

Awww! Love the food in the check!

Aww! Alyssa Howell!

" Wilderness Church" I took some pictures in the morning, and the sun was shining on it, but I got to take some later as we were waiting for our group.

This group as a matter of fact!

Isaac & Priscilla Krahn ( I hope that's how you spell her name! )
In line for Barn Swing! It's pretty fun... but I wish it was longer.
As we were waiting... kids were coming down Lost River. It's one of my favorites.
I was telling Janae how to work my camera. She says she hates it!
There. That's a little better! ( I love how Jordan is squashing my eye! )
- Jen


  1. OH ya! Don't I take great pics.!!!!
    NOT!!!!! :D


  2. Yes you did spell my name right



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