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So these are all pics from last week, but we have a group here from Crown College and they helped us get all of the work done this afternoon, so we're free! I am still needing to finish the guest rooms, but we're going to have a fun 4th of July weekend, I think.

Last week was one of the most fun weeks! We had the group from West Coast that we had met at SMITE camp here, and they were the best help ever! They did so much with us, and on the last night, we all sang I Have Been Blessed during the service, and then we played PAINTBALL after the ice cream party. It was FUN!!! Here's their group:

Here's us on the last day. It was sad to see them go, but it was great having them here the whole week.

Britney did my hair on Sunday. I took a pic of myself so that my family could see it. I wish you could see it from the back... it was so elegant!

Here's Jordan Hampton...

...and Britney Moore.

Here's us girls at church.

Britney cut Jordan's hair last Sunday. It turned out good!

I made some aprons for the little girls here. I still need to finish the pink one, but the blue and purple are done.

I listed 10 paintball guns, masks, and tanks on eBay for Dave Bishop, and they sold! So we packaged them out and sent them today. YES!

Bro. Larry Brown from Iowa preached last week. He preached an amazing message on Tuesday night, and I really want to get a copy of it.

Here's another group shot!

Melissa and Sarah in line!

Salad bar shot! We have salad bar on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Melissa, Sarah and Hollan

So.... this bat flew down, landed on a girl's shirt, and ten seconds later, she realized that it was on her. So Dallas saved the day and caught it. It actually bit him, and gave him rabies. After that, he always had the urge to bite people but since turning 18 on Monday, he's decided to try to conquor that problem. Actually, that's not true, but that's what he tells people. Lol!

Actually, Dallas is like MacGyver. He can fix anything and everthing. So we took the piano apart and fixed a few broken keys. Unfortunately, now a few other keys don't work, but maybe someday we can try again. Maybe...

Here we are working hard in the kitchen! This isn't a winning picture of everyone, but we were hard at work so I thought I'd take a pic.

So Britney bought this shirt and it didn't fit right, so I'm going to buy it from her and I LOVE it!


We have a new hay ride thing, instead of the hike, so I took a quick shot of them right before the first load left.

Weight lifting!

Luke! The guys got a hold of my camera and took some crazy pics!

Like this one... Chadwick is trying to climb this tree!

Here's me and Britney. Being weird. What's new.

Here's us girls after paintball. Amy Dawson played too, but she had to leave. I got a massive "impact wound" on my arm and it's going to be a terrible scar! But it was fun... I look terrible, yes, I know.

Here's Shawna shooting a bb gun for the first time in her life. He had only shot a Nerf gun before, so that night she had the opportunity to shoot a paintball gun and a bb gun. Sweet!

Here was our target. And she NAILED it the first shot! YES!

Here's Kenny showing off his Eagle Scout bb gun skills... he missed. A couple times.

So Britney and Marishka went to Hot Springs last weekend, so Miss Donna gave us the job of watering the flower beds. We got to use the 4-wheelers, so it was fun!

Here's me showing off my muscles. Just kidding!

Oh ya! We were SOOO dirty, but had SOOO much fun!

So that's about it. I have a MILLION pics from this week, so I'll try to upload them and post again this weekend. Right now, we're going out to play Ultimate Frizbee. Yes!

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  1. oh Brittany! If you could look bad in a picture, that would be one thing...but because you are so stinking's pretty much impossible! haha Great pics! :D


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