Betsy's Wedding Shower...

Betsy Hockady is getting married! We went to her Wedding Shower about a month ago, and I haven't posted on this yet. So I'm catching up! I'm am so busy with our modest swimsuit business! If you could be praying I get all my stuff done, that's be great!

Here she is opening up her gifts.

Kaylen and Sarah.~* The Chocolate Fountain *~
Mom's prize for winning a game.
Amber Conrad's new born
*~ Gifts! ~*

Punch! This was actually some of the best punch that I've ever had! Seriously!
Here's the game. You had to see who could pull out all theri tissues first. It was very amusing! And of course... my mommy won! Hahaha! The tissues kept getting into the punch!

Sarah and her camera.
Out hostess!
And more gifts.
- Jen


  1. Just wondering, WHO is an "Out Hostess?" lol
    My Gma was telling somebody about your swimsuits, and they dress modestly too, so, you might have to make a couple more!
    t'll be a couple weeks before I have all the stuff for the culottes.

  2. Awww! So sad I missed that! Looks like you all had fun! Can't wait for the wedding!


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