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Hey all! Thanks so much for all of your notes, prayers and questions as to how I'm doing. I'm doing great here, keeping busy and loving every minute of it! It's been super hot, but hey, it's camp! We have a great group of staff this year. Can't wait to introduce them to you.
Weekends give me time to blog, email and get some R&R. Today I slept til 8:45! Amazing! I actually got to bed before midnight. Amazing! I feel great. Amazing!

I left Baton Rouge on June 5th, after having a great time at SMITE camp.

For any of you that heard that Uncle Jerry is mean and scary... don't believe a word of it! (Just thought I'd put that in!) He has such a passionate heart for young people, you just wanna cry when he's pouring his heart out to them during the services.

SMITE trains you to do 5-Day Bible Clubs... and here's a picture from our club!

We had 5 kids saved at our Bible Club, and I was able to lead 4 of them to the Lord!

This is what it's all about... reaching children with the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ!

There were several hundred people there at SMITE.

And many lives were touched, changed and saved. The messages were outstanding!

Here's our girl's group!

And now it's time for camp info!

Here's Mastiska! She's super sweet and is super funny!

Jordan holding Addy. Jo is a lot of fun, and loves to talk and chat. She has such a friendly personality.

Mrs. Fredricks is an amazing woman! She has done such a great job keeping our kitchen organized and telling us what needs to be done. She's awesome!

These are two of Mrs. Fred's kids, Tabitha and Tiffany. She also has another son that's 12... I'll have to get his pic sometime!

And that's all of the pics that I have right now. I'll get the others uploaded soon and post again.

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  1. Fun post!!! - looks like you are having a great summer. I was hoping to go to SMITE this year, but maybe next year it will work out. What camp are you working at?


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