Hey everyone! Thanks for looking! These are the pictures I took at SMITE. We had an awesome time! I got to lead 2 kids to the Lord, and we had around 5 or 6 in our club saved. Please pray that the kids will grow in the Lord and that their families will get saved and grow in the Lord. And please pray that the kids that came and didn't get saved, will be convicted, and then also be saved.

Here's Britt! This was on Sunday... we were waiting for the bus, to take us back to the SMITE grounds.

Bro. McCormick! He was one of our drivers. He drove the boys down. He was very awesome! He always was making sure that we had everything that we needed, and that all of us had money to go out to eat if we didn't have it. He is a very generous person! We all love him!
Here's Shelby! No... she actually isn't sleeping. She poised for me!
Frog legs! Believe it or not, ( I still have trouble believing it ) I ate one of these! Disgusting. It tasted like a piece of herby, rubbery, chicken.
Ashley! This is the face I captured while she took a bite of the frog leg!
Another one of the brave souls who ate the frog legs! It was only us 3! By the way... this is Hannah.
Ashley and Britt!
- Jen

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  1. Oh don't you love my background poses!!! Embarrassing!!!!!



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