Finally! I got the corn maze pictures in a blog post! Mom had been telling me to do that for a long time, but just now am I starting to be able to do blog posts. I got my last swimsuit sewn and out in the mail 2 days ago! Praise the Lord!

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Here's Jo! The top pictures are the most recent. The bottom, the least recent.


And the Grand Opening! This was kinda cool to see it finally open after soooo much work!
James got to cut the ribbon.

And the corn maze pic! This isn't the one they are using for all their advertising... because i couldn't find it. But this one is okay too.
View from the plane.
Another pic
Jo's all ready to go!
Mommy Peck!
Cool camo planes
And the Peck's house! You can see the corn maze in the upper left hand corner.
She got a phone call in the plane!
There are the huge lakes/ponds in Lincoln that I never knew about! I want to go and see them sometime.
Our Capitol Building on the square.
And our Church! Sweet!

- Wal-Mart -
The Race Track!
And just some boring old houses

Thanks for looking!
- Jen


  1. Nice pictures!
    Yoohoo... you finally got all your swimsuits done!!!
    All the culottes fit great. ;)

  2. who flies? How did you get these photos?
    Great photos Girl!
    Ms. Angie

  3. oops website address is wrong..

    Ms. Angie

  4. what happened too the post about the boy and his leg? can't find it


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