Last Week Camp Pics...

Hey all! Here are some pics from last week! I was gone to Hot Springs for the weekend, so I just got back and wanted to finish this blog post!

This here is my pet turtle Turt. Jed ran him over with the 4-wheeler, but he survived. So Gabe brought him in one morning, and I made him a "cage" and we kept him for over a week. We decided to let him go though, since he wasn't eating much. He was fun to have.

Here's Tim Fredricks and Chadwick Harris. They are the "trash guys" and help keep Triple S clean!

Britney's mom came to visit last week, and she was a great and fun help here at camp. They just got back from Cabin Check and had a few bribes that the campers left them.

Right before the meal, we snapped a photo of us staff girls. We are always so rushed to eat supper because we only have about 10-15 minutes to sit down and eat before we need to get in the kitchen for the serving line.

This here is Jennifer and myself. She was my "buddy" and we got along pretty well. She's so cute!

We were all sitting on the porch waiting for cabin check... so we took a picture. Meshael is the girl to the left. She goes to Gospel Light in Hot Springs, AR.

Here's Dallas, up a tree. He's always doing something a little risky. The camp loud speaker was broken on top of the camp office, so he was climbing up to try to fix it.

Another random picture of us!

Me and Amy putting the cool whip on the pudding cups.

This picture cracks me up.... everyone's smiling except Dallas. What a dweeb!

Hmmm.... Luke Bishop, assistant camp director!

Sarah Evans, Amy and Melissa Bishop

Jake Carlise... he was just visiting, but it's a funny picture to share!

Bro Dignan! He's the BOMB DIGITY EVER!!!

Dave Bishop... brother of Luke Bishop. Do you notice something in common with the two Bishop guy's pics? They have HUGE blue eyes and weird faces.

Here's Luke showing the guys how to lift the weights.

Jed, taking the kiddos on a hay ride.

Here's Miss Abby, Nikki and Amy

Amy having fun with her ducky!

Here's the kid, Josh, that took all of these great pictures for me! He was a sort of... uncool kid that not very many people liked, so I let him feel important and take my camera around to take some pics. He got some great ones!

We went climbing Sugar Loaf Mountain last weekend... it was FUN!!!!!!! Here's Chadwick and Gabe, right before heading up the hill.

Here's Jo... waving hi from down the trail!

Climbing a pass... there was tons of rock stuff like this to climb!

Here's Britney, taking a breather.

Here's Dallas, about to fall off the cliff... just kidding.

The view from the top was awesome!

Cool View!

Gabe wanted me to take a pic of him doing a cartwheel on the edge of the cliff... and it turned out so cool, I thought I'd make it into a fun pic.

I accidentally got this pic of Dallas jumping across a ravene. Sweet!

Jo fell and cut her leg pretty bad.

Dallas is a HUGE daredevil and climbed down to a little ledge... he could have died!

And about the video.... Gabe actually did that to us before taking the re-enactment video, and with his facial expressions and the way he yelled, we thought he REALLY fell off the cliff. I am not a very emotional person, but I thought he really fell off and I almost started crying I was so upset. I just thought, "He's dead! WHAT are we going to do???" But he popped right up after and thought it was SOOO funny. I couldn't walk for a while, my legs were so weak and scared.
I'll try to post another post about my weekend birthday trip to Hot Springs. We had a really good time. But it's supper time now. Hope you all enjoyed and I hope to get a lot of comments from my faithful friends and readers!

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  1. I remember all this stuff. We had a crazy time at Sugar Loaf!! Those times where crazy.........LOL

    Love ya
    Britt :)


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