From my Camera...

Well, here's another post from Missouri. These were taken from my camera, but unfortunately, I didn't take my camera Silver Dollar City. But here are pictures from Cabella's, and at the Fetter's house.

Abby outside of Cabella's waiting for the Howells. We met them halfway there, then drove the rest of the way together. T'was fun! I like Cabella's. Especially the hats and hoodies. But they are expensive! ;0

Me! I never get my picture taken!

Lol... me and Janae Howell were hanging out in Cabella's, when we saw these "interesting" "funky" hats. Just had to try 'em on, ya know?
"Smile" Cute!
Look at those green eyes!
Another sunset.

This is a BIG wooly-bear. I'm not sure if that's what they're really called, but that's what I've called them ever since I was little! They're my favorite.

- Jen

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  1. aww looks like fun! Love the orange hat! haha Looks pretty awesome! :D


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