Finally! Sorry I haven't posted for a long time! Been very busy, ya know? Anyways, here a some fun food shots I took while at Ryan's. Pastor and Mrs. Davis took us girls on a shopping trip, and they paid for all of us to go to Ryan's!

My Camera Bag. No... I don't have a Kodak... It's just the bag I use.
M&M's are always fun! Except when they are the generic kind! Yuck!
Sarah and her "M&M's".
Janae's fudge!
My Ice-Cream

Jo! Ya, we were kinda bored.
Janae took this picture, and the water below. Pretty good, eh?
I love this one!
This might be Jordan's food. Can't remember...
Janae's food
A delicious roll!
And my food! I always eat a salad first! Pepperonis are good... except when you eat too many, and mashed potatoes... yep, they're good too.
Jo and Janae! My best little buddies in the world! And yes, I can say the best "little" buddies in the world, cause I'm bigger than both of them... :(
Hope you enjoyed!
- jenny -

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  1. Awesome pictures Jen!! The last one is super cute!!!


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