Youth Rally In Missouri...

A few weeks ago, Bro. Bazen took some teens to a youth rally in Missouri. It was a long drive, but it was worth it. Bro. Davidson from Heartland Baptist Bible College preached. That's where Brittany goes to college. I was hoping she could come, but she couldn't.

The whole church was filled with different competitions. Here is the jousting.
I only took like 1 of these pictures. Bro. Bazen took most of them. I wasn't in the picture taking mood. ;)

TylerMartha, Bethany, Me, and Sarah
Ben and Tyler
Bro. Hopkins going against Luke

Luke looking scared

He got an E for effort, but Bro. Hopkins beat him. ;)
Us girls watching the bungee contest thing going on.
Danny and Jeff did it next. Danny won.

Danny doing cup stacking. He won this too.
Ben and Luke doing the rope maze. It was actually kinda fun. Me and Martha almost beat them! Luke and Ben beat everyone at the rally. They got a soda and candy bars.

- Jen

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