Student Convention...

Me and Josh competed in our annual Student Convention again this year. Here are the photos we entered. The pics look blurry on the computer but they looked fine when we printed them out.

This is a Color Portrait - I got 2nd. (I know I should have taken the branch out, but we were just taking the pictures for fun, and not even thinking about entering them until after.)
Lil' Ann - Domestic Animals - Color - I think he got 3rd of something for this one

Still Life - Black & White - He got 1st for this one out of about 10 other pics
He hates this one - Scenic God made - B&W
He got like 3rd for this one - Living Things - B&W
Same pic but in color
He got 3rd or 4th for this one - Scenic Man-Made - B&W
Same one in color
He got 2nd or 3rd for this one - Still Life Color

- Jen


  1. Hey so on that one of Janae, Austin Gordon (sp?) was asking if you were going for the chinese look??? I hadn't thought about it, but it does kinda look like that lol and I LOVE the pepsie one Josh did! It looks like an add or something! ;)



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