Yard Work...

A weird little root ball thing that looked like an electrocuted mole.
Abby took some pictures of our flowers

Hehe. We had some fun with the worms.

Kaylen had been playing around with small worms, but then we found a bigger one, and she was seriously scared of it!

- Jen


  1. I didn't know ya'll had Bleeding Hearts!!!! I LOVE those flowers! (Even though they're pink. :P )

  2. Great pics of the kids. I love Kaylen looking at the worm---my sentiments exactly. Love the pic of the Bleeding Hearts, one of my favorites.

    Gramma says "Hi and love you all"

  3. i love the worm pics they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!i love the electroniced mole!!!!and i love the pics of the bleeding hearts


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