Corn Maze Parade...

McClean (or however you spell that) had their annual parade for their town. So the Pecks had their tractor and corn maze trailer in the parade. It was fun! But incredibly hot! Man, I don't know how people lived back then with all their old fashioned dresses! Seriously... for part of the time I didn't drink enough water and I felt sick. But all in all, it was great. We sang songs like Ya'll Come, I'll Fly Away, and Boil Them Cabbage Down while Jordan, Katie, and the Roys played along. They sounded really good! Then afterwards, we went to the square. They had old fashioned booths set up with old fashioned hats, guns, tepees, woodworking, and bluegrass.

Here is the Corn Maze Queen. She doesn't like me to call her that, but it's true.

While we sat there for about an hour waiting for the parade to start... we ate PBJs!

- Jen


  1. LOVE the instrument pics.!!!! (Especially the mandolin ones ;) Yes, it twas fun!

  2. Yeah, those ones are good...but not as good as the one of Philip! That one's the bestest of them all! lolz no they all look great!


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