Loon Mountain...

On Sunday we went to Loon Mountain which was about 45 minutes away from our grandparent's house. It's a really cool place. They have horse back riding, trampoline bungees, rock walls, gondolas (below), biking, caves, cafe's, shops, segways, and a zip line. You could buy a package for 39 with a coupon for the zip line, bungee, rock-wall, and gondola. So we all bought the package deal, and had tons of fun. Our favorite was the rock wall. 

 The view from the gondola.

 Kay's going green!
 Standing in line for the Zip line

 Josh on the second, Britt on the third. The middle was the hardest. A black diamond.

- Jen -

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  1. That looks like a very pretty state!!! Looks like y'all had fun =D


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