Yea! The Shower went great. Everyone ate a ton and I think everyone had a good time. We had about 30 people here. The living room was crowded, but it was fun! She was given so many nice gifts!
Josh didn't really fit in with all the "ladies" so he played on the computer with James and Ben.

Mom headed up the games for the shower, and she had them play this game where you put a piece of paper on top of your head, and then you had to draw Brittany on her Wedding Day all dressed up in her dress. Here are the "results".

Here's Mrs. O'Connor judging the artistic work! She laughed so hard!

Mrs. Peck did the devotion. It was very good! Thank You Mrs. Peck!

Opening gifts!

Mom doing the games.

We played another game where you had two teams, and they had to dress up one person as a bride! With toilet paper! Here's Danielle! Her team won.

Britt with a toilet paper bouquet!

- Jen -

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