Apple Seed Shoot...

Last Saturday, Dad took me, Josh, and Jordan to an Apple-Seed shoot. It was right after 3 long days of Student Convention, and we had to wake up @ 5:00, so we were pretty tired. But it was still lots of fun!
 Getting there

 Jo loadin' up some mags
 The range. This was an awesome property! It was called Husky Hollow.
 Jo doing her AQT standing. Right before this she had just got some shells
 and bullets lodged in the barrel. Yikes.

 Cheesy Grin #1
 Cheesy Grin #2
Dad got to help run the Appleseed this time. He called the shots and ran half of the line. Good job Dad! He got his rifleman's a while ago. He's now a Orange Hat!
 Tornado, the instructor with his wife.
 Josh and this other guy won in a little competition we had, so the guy got a shirt...
 ...and Josh got a flag.
 I got a 226 on my AQT which was my top score yet. I re-qualified for Rifleman and they gave me another patch.
 I'm gunna try to get all the colors. So far I have tan and green.
All for now. I'll post some more fun ones in a few days.
- Jen -

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  1. Congrats to everyone! And Jen, wow! Great job!!! I love the pics, and the info. Super fun!

    Now, it's yard sale time here at the Ingerson Household. Adios!

    Love, Britt


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