Cobalt Blue...

Josh is redoing his room with "Your Zone" stuff. It's really cool. So he wanted to paint the room. So me and him spent all day painting and taking pictures and having fun. Here are the results...

It was pretty bad.

 The walls were are beat up, so Dad bought some cool texture paint stuff and sprayed it on the walls to help the wall look better after we painted.
 Me and him lookin' like pretty ferocious painters.

 They were moving the bookshelf, and I just happened to take the picture right when all the books on the bottom shelf fell off.
 The Spray Texture stunk really bad!
 Josh cutting in, and Abby being nosy. Everyone kept coming in every 10 minutes to look at it!
 I hit the trim with some blue. Actually I hit the ceiling in quite a few places. We'll have to paint over that with white.
 And the completed room! Obviously not with decorations and cool stuff like his lava lamp, other lamp, and bed, but I think the color is pretty cool!
 He was gunna buy a bed at Wal-Mart, and then we found our Justina was going to try and sell her bed, so Josh was able to buy it form her for $60.00 less. Thanks Justina!
I know this was a random post, but they were the most recent pictures I had.
- Jen -


  1. Nice pic of you and josh =D Y'all look like y'all r having fun!!! Cool Blue too, i bet it's goin look cool when it gets done!!!

  2. Ah I love it!!!! Nothing better than a new color on da walls :)

  3. interesting he ha lol i just love bule


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