As you can probably tell, we LOVE Apple Seeds! Well, I do. So we went to another one last weekend, and it was really fun! Me, Josh, and Jo watched Kidnapped the hour there and back. While there, Jo and Josh got Rifleman! Good job ya'll! (Remember this one Britt?) Dad got his highest with Tex-sights. 230! Which is pretty awesome! Especially with Tex-sights!

Waiting for it to all start.
 Lord Joker - One of the Orange Hats

 I told him to smile, but he was eating trail-mix...
 ... but he tried!

 Jordan did AWESOME! Patriot Gal, who was our Shoot Boss, even told people to go and look at her targets and try to do as well as her. She was smokin'!
 We all stole Jo's pretzels. They were really good!
 TRADITION! But this time Wal-Mart FINALLY had the kind with M&M's! Haha!

 She got it! With 218!

 And the tradition at Apple Seed, is you get "baptized" with cold water if you get exactly 210. Which is what Josh got.

 It was a cold ride home for poor Joshy. They emptied the whole bottle!
- Jen -


  1. Love it! Looks like fun! I'd so glad for Josh and Jo... also so glad that they didn't dump water on me!

    LOL... did you give Jeff that Marine Core shirt or just let him borrow it?

  2. Jenny didn't put this cause she's modest like this but she did even better than I did! The lady said to look at both of our targets! And Jenny got I think like a 232 on hers! :D
    But it was SOOOOO FUN! Thanks Coms for lettin me go with! I LOVE it!


  3. Lol, I let him borrow it. I said it was Jake's and Josh's. ;)
    Thanx Jo! ;)


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