Wild Waves...

The beaches were sooooo gorgeous! Awesome! And Just Wonderful! Going to the beach made me happy! Haha! 

And don't worry. We were on a Mission's Trip... so this was after a long day's work of VBS. 

 Watching Brody be buried!
 Poor Brody! He couldn't move, and the tide kept coming in! But it was sooooo funny!

 Here's Tyler's sand castle! I was wondering where he was... and then I saw him. Over to the side, by himself, and making a castle!

- Jen -


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! I haven't seen like hardly any pics of the girls at the beach.. Where are they all at? Or we're you guys to embarrassed at how you looked you didn't want any pictures? *smiles*


  2. Lol... I didn't take many pics of us. But yes... I was horrified with my hair!


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