And here she is! Don't that sign look beautiful!?!? I know... ya'll probably are wondering why I am even bothering with such a random post. Well... it's because... me and Dad toiled for hours and hours last night! And I'm proud of him! He does a great job! Love ya Dad!

- Jen -


  1. Oooo-la-la!!! Classy, Baby! Classy!

    I kinda miss doing that... but kinda not! Especially when you accidentally take off the dot of an eye...

    Or get pieces all stuck on your elbows... remember that, Jenny?!?!??! Ya, you probably do. We didn't let you live that one down for years!!!!

    Bahahahaaaaa!!!! GREAT times!

    Miss you! Love you!


  2. Oh yes... I actually was thinking of putting some on my elbow for good ol' time's sake!

    Miss you like TONS!


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