Labor Day...

So instead of doing something fun with family for Labor Day... we worked on the house! Tryin' to get it all beautiful!

 We also washed the siding.
 Abby took all these pictures for me.

 Here's Dad sweating. He's a real man... (He wanted me to write that... Lol.)

 So there's a story behind this. Our neighbor is a cop, and he came over the other day and told us that during the middle of the night, there was a car chase on our street. The police were chasing this guy, and he decided to bail, and in doing so, he hit our neighbor's car, and then ended up going through out yard, and hitting this poor little dog wood tree! And he said the horn was going off for 10 minutes! And none of us heard anything! And it was right outside my window! Weird... So I fixed all the bricks and weeded it.
Looks a lot better huh Britt? Btw, the bricks are wet, that's why they are all splotchy.

T'was a good day. Got a lot done.
- Jen -

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