This year I was able to sell stuff at Railsplitter. Katie also sold stuff, and we both did pretty good. She sold everything of hers but one, and from that one she got a custom order!
 Dad and Mom helped me sooo much! Thank you guys! I love you!
 Katie made these from toliet paper rolls. I think they are SOOOO cool! Everyone there loved them!
 Lizzy came on Sunday and the girls helped me out a little with watching the stuff while me and Katie got ice-cream! We were going to go throw the hatchet, but they closed it down before we could.
 Katie also made these. She sold one right beofre we closed down. I love these too!
 She also did my hair! I liked it!
 And... here's the shirt I made for us. Kinda simple, but it worked. The colors matched the tags on my jewelry that I was selling. I had green, Katie had pink, and Abby had purple.

Britt... I tried to put the monkey on, but it was too hard.

- Jen -

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