Time To Explore...

Here it is my friends! One of the most spectacular events in my life! The exploration of a Park... also known as Kickapoo Park, located in Lincoln. So as we begin our journey... let me introduce you to Elijah! The bravest of our pack. He was our zoology expert.
 And here's Mom. The safety officer.
 Josh was our weapons technician... notice the beautiful cross hairs pose he so naturally developed.

Then of course there's me! I was the Team Leader.
 Our adventure began with a rather exciting twist. We began to slosh through the mud... much to the dismay of our Mother. I comforted her with the thought that these were play clothes... shoes... and hey... it was an adventure, right?
 Along the first stretch of beach Elijah found an honest to goodness vertibraethingmabobber. He was fascinated with the wildlife we saw.
 There were millions of frogs...


and a whole lot more frogs!
 I got tired of catching frogs and told the team to move on. Mom here was getting our general location via. cellphone.
 I'm telling ya! Beautiful wildlife!
 And here! Aww! The moment of Elijah's Lifetime! He thought he found a real backbone of a huge animal! It was great! He started blubbering about something... and he pointed at this... and said, "Jen! This was a huge animal!" So me and Josh told him it was the vertebrae of a dinosaur and asked him if it was alright to get his photograph with it. He gladly accented.
 Me and Josh decided it would be nice to get a photo of the Team Leader and the Weapon Technician on good terms for once.
 Yep. Elijah frieked at this! He thought it was extraordinary that the water collected in the middle of the fungi! 
 So... either someone drowned... or just lost their boot. It was kinda gross. But we found soooooo many misc. shoes and and fishing poles and shorts... T'was weird.
 Spiders! One of the very few things I REALLY TRULY don't like. 
 Okay... so get this... Josh found a "Fiskars"  machete. And a fishing knife! It was crazy!
 And... "Da Mama" didn't want to get her shoes wet! Haha! So... that ended our fun little journey. I know... T'was a bit odd and weird and random... but... it was fun to write! So... we shall be in New Hampshire soon! And I will take awesome pics there!
So long! 

- Jen -


  1. Great pics and we shall miss you greatly!!!!!

    Peck family

  2. Haha... I laughed SOOO hard about Elijah and the backbone thing. I can't wait to show Jake when he gets home!!!!!

  3. What a great family bonding. I can see that you guys did had a blast. Gorgeous picture by the way.
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