New Hampshire!

Thanks Lydia! Lol. I miss all you guys!

We sold Ka-Bar before we left. He's with an awesome couple who love him to death! They sent us the picture yesterday. He's so cute!

These are from the trip up here. Me and Dad had a pretty peaceful trip up. A little spilled coffee, a tiny little "taking the wrong road" mistake, but other than that, it went pretty good. I started taking pics in Vermont.
 I thought this was funny. They have lots of cliffs where rocks will fall onto the roads, so they put up nets and signs. 

 I didn't get any of the mountains. But in a few days I'll take one of Mt. Washington which is beautiful! I saw it for the first time 2 days ago when me and Mom went shopping. It has snow on it already!
 And my room was in need of a little paint job and MANY other things. So I bought paint and the kids kept bugging me to help. So I let them do a little.

 Bad pic... but Lijah looks cool.
 And Ann loves looking out the window and guarding us from all the evil little red squirrels. I'm afraid she's gunna bust through a window some day.
 And this is the view from my window. Kinda boring... Mom and Dad have a much better view. 

And this is what they wake up to every morning. I'll have to take a better pic some day. This was yesterday morning. 

- Jen -

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