Well, me and Dad are stuck here cleaning up the house, packing the last of the junk, and repairing a few things on the house before we head up to New Hampshire to be with the fam. 

Here's Mom and Ann on the back porch. We have an amazing view!

Here's the Momma Bear that was eating the apples in our back yard. 
There was also a baby bear the day before.
 So while we're here, I didn't have a can opener. God gifted me with the amazing gift of Yankee Ingenuity. So.... I used a throwing knife of Abby's, and the handle of a screwdriver to open the can! It took about 5 times longer... but hey! It worked.
 Funny thing is though... that 10 minutes ago I found the can opener in the cabinet!
I had not idea Mom left it here!
 I carpet cleaned Josh's room, and this was the result.

 And Janae did my nails! I love them! 

 We also bought matching rings. So cute!
- Jen -

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! And gross, gross, gross! And wow, wow, wow (for the house and the bear)! And pretty, pretty, pretty! And THAT'S MY SISTER!!!! (For using your Yankee Ingenuity)

    That's all... :)


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