After church today me and Dad went fishing. We've been passing the Conneticut River to get to church, and Dad wanted to try fishing there for a little while. So after we ate lunch we went down.
AND... GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? I DROVE THERE! Yea... I know... "news flash!" That was a big shocker, right? And please, "Park Meadows Teens Who Got Their Permit WAY Before Me"
... please don't laugh. I know you feel SO special that you got to drive way before me, but hey! I get to drive in New Hampshire! Haha!
Oh.. speaking of permits... you don't have to get your permit here! Way cool! You can just drive with an adult when your 15! No stupid test or anything! So... Josh is going to be able to drive in a few months! I know... Scary Day!

So I fell in love with this bridge the first time I saw it. I LOVE it! It's so cool! And perfect for pictures! Well, for people portraits. It's abandoned so I might some take some random pictures of some random individual some day when I get my new camera which shall be soon!

 And here's my Pa-Dad! I love him so much! Thanks for taking me fishing! And not frieking out when I spun gravel whilst in the midst of turning around on the scary road and when I didn't brake soon enough on that one corner and stuff like that! I love you! You're cool!
 The river was SOOOOO calm! It was the perfect mirror.
 I cast my line in and took a few pics while waiting.
 I love my fishing pole! Except my line hasn't been working too well. I think it's cause the line's a little thick. (Just thought you needed to know that...)

 We didn't catch anything there, so we went to the "magical mossy forest" where we took you Jordan. It was really cold!
 The water comes right down from the mountain... so yea... it's a little cold.
 And these are the kinda roads that make up New Hampshire. Kinda interesting for a newbie driver like myself... but very fun! And pretty! And lively! Lol...

 There was a tad bit of snow of the ground. It was really cool with the snow on the moss Jo! I still want you to come up here so we can explore up there longer. We had to leave so fast last time.
 One of my very best friends! Thanks for the juicy fruit gum too Dad!
 So the water comes down here...
 ...ends up here, where we fished...
... and then goes down here!
 We didn't catch anything there, but we had a great time! Oh and yes... Dad HAS caught stuff there before. Just thought I'd throw that in. He's even jumped across to another ledge then jumped in the water! Crazy dude! I mean most people wouldn't dare do that! It's kinda itimidating! Wish I had gotten a better pic of what I'm talking about but my camera lens doesn't have a zoom.
Well, all 4 now. Hope you enjoyed my crazy rambling post. I did. I like writing.
Thanks for looking! Maybe a comment or two???
And Love all you PMBC peeps that I'm missing terribly!
Oh... and I did post this morning about hiking so make sure you look at that below.

- Jen -


  1. Sis, congrats on the driving...sorta glad it's in NH...hahaha ;) Enjoy this time with your pops...awesome pics by the way.

  2. Yea... it was def. boring driving in Il. Sry James... ;)


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