Got Snow???

Yesterday Dad calls out from the School Room, "Guys! This big old owl just landed in the tree outside!" So of course we jump up from our movie and rush to the windows as fast as we could. It was really cool! I wish I could've got closer!

- Jen -


  1. We are supposed to get a lil of that white stuff Thursday...hopefully I can flee south before it hits too bad.

    Very nice pics...same camera?

  2. Lol, nope! I got my new one! Trying to figure out how it works... but it's hard when you have a memory stick that only holds 4 pics! I'm getting a 8GB in the mail soon though! I'm so excited!

    Lol, make sure they don't shut school down if you get less than 5 inches, okay? Lol! I always get a kick out of that! They get 1 inch of snow and have a Snow Day!


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