Day #1

Well, for all of you who don't know... we just bought a house! We are just in a rental for now. So this new house is a real fixer upper! I took some before pics... it's pretty bad. These are from 3 days ago, btw.

Front Bathroom

 Old Kitchen - Will be Living Room
 Will be Kitchen

 Will be dining room
 Abby's side of the room
 My side - We're going to put up a wall.
 M&D's Bedroom

 My side
 My doodles. G&G brought up pizza and soda! So good! The first meal in our new house!
 Lijah bud got a little Transformer toy.

 This is the stairway going up to my bedroom. They were sanding it. (Yes... I did help.)
 We even brought Annie!

 Hey Britt, remember this? I found it in the bottom of the painting/drywall tote! Haha! Good memories!

 We thought he looked old, so he acted it.

- As Always... Jen -

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